Fast-Track Services

Backstage Networks Can Provide Fast-Track Services

Time for planning and preparation is preferred, but not always possible.

A lot of hard work, expertise, and planning goes into providing live-event IT services for corporate and entertainment events. Backstage Networks’ diligence and expertise will more than compensate when a client’s urgent needs leave little time for planning. That is why Backstage Networks can confidently provide nearly all of its services on a fast-track basis for a wide variety of events.

Sometimes a business’s best-laid event plans go awry.

For a range of reasons, advanced planning does not always happen in the world of live event production. Even when an event has been planned well in advance, unforeseen circumstances may arise. Sometimes a critical detail is overlooked. Whatever the situation, just as with events planned well in advance, successful spur-of-the-moment events need to go off without a hitch. That’s where the seasoned experts at Backstage Networks come to the rescue with fast-track services.

What is the time difference between regular and fast-track service?

Backstage Networks’ comprehensive event WiFi solutions can be provided on a fast-track basis depending on the type of event and the level of services needed. Typically, fast-track services are under 30 days for managed events, and can be less than 15 days for non-managed LTE services. There are even circumstances when requests for overnight service delivery can be accommodated. Backstage Networks is ready and able to go above and beyond to deliver fast-tracked, live-event services with the same care and professionalism provided to all of our customers.

What services can be fast-tracked?

Fast-track services are not tethered to specific products or types of events. Backstage Networks can provide most services including Internet connectivity, temporary WiFi systems, cellular-based Internet, and radio rentals on a fast-track basis.

The cost for fast-track services varies.

The cost for fast-track services correspond with the type(s) of equipment and services needed. For example, some productions may only need delivery of an LTE rental system and no event staffing. Other events may require equipment installation and an on-site operations team. Backstage Networks’ experts are ready to have a conversation about your last-minute event needs, budget requirements, and available service options.


With Backstage Networks fast-track services, you can have complete confidence that the show will go on. Contact us today to find out more.