Achievable, Actionable and Affordable Attendee WiFi

Attendi-WiFi Marketing

Attendi-WiFi Marketing is the core of our platform. This is where the splash page and any initial redirects will take place. It lays a firm foundation for collecting valuable user data. That includes email addresses, social media info and various demographics that provide you and your sponsors the ability to strategically and effectively market to attendees. Using coupon campaigns, email, Twitter, SMS and integrating everything with the most widely recognized CRM and mass-email platforms, Attendi-WiFi Marketing enables you to market directly to everyone connected to your attendee WiFi and receive detailed reports on attendee activity.

Attendi-WiFi Ads

Once users have passed through the splash page(s), Attendi-WiFi Ads redirects them to a variety of marketing content including images, videos and more. Programmed repeat messages reach attendees at defined intervals. You can then generate a series of reports based on all of your advertising and digital marketing activity.

Attendi-WiFi Analytics

Easily pinpoint attendee locations to determine where they’re hanging out at your live event (such as in PoS merchandise areas or food and beverage sales areas) to improve user traffic flow at your next event. Attendi-WiFi Analytics can also help you monitor security issues during your live event.

The Benefits of Attendi-WiFi

Attendi-WiFi captures and analyzes the following information to provide actionable insights for physical spaces:

Visualize Traffic Patterns

Heatmapping technology visualizes how traffic moves through a physical area

Respond to Traffic Alerts

Custom triggers let you know when traffic patterns change; deploy resources as necessary to direct crowds and promote purchasing behavior

Track Growth and Trends

Record new and returning visitors, crowd size, busy days and times, and historical traffic data

Aggregate Data Collection

Integrate collected entity data with existing datasets to seamlessly inform operations from one centralized dashboard

Feed Operational Strategy

Strategically position merchandise, signage and advertisements based on traffic flow data; measure ROI and inform visual merchandising strategy

Zero-in on

Isolate specific geographic areas within a venue to target messaging to the right visitors at the right time

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