Four Must-Dos To Pull Off a Successful Super Bowl Event in Tampa 

Four Must-Dos To Pull Off a Successful Super Bowl Event in Tampa 

For an event as momentous and storied as the Super Bowl, there is no such thing as too much preparation. Whether you are looking to bring your event team to Tampa in 2021, or you are a local Tampa company aiming to make the most of a staggering increase in tourism and  opportunity, there are ways you can set yourself up for success well in advance of February 7. Read on for our top four tips for hosting a successful event during the Super Bowl LV in Tampa. 


1 – Find Connected Local Partners 

To make the most out of a Tampa-based Super Bowl event, you need to make sure you have a well-versed local partner who can provide their expertise. If your company is based outside of Tampa, you may not be familiar with the best venues, network options or other local logistics. This is where a partner like BSN can step in and make your event run much more smoothly. Two miles from the Raymond James Stadium, BSN is extremely well-connected locally. We have established partnerships with all the major internet providers in the area, making coordinating temporary internet simple and much cheaper than going directly through retail channels. Not only can we set up your event network to run reliably and take IT off of your teams plate, but we can recommend partners in areas like catering, additional production support, parking permits, rental cars, and more. It can be difficult to select vendors in an area you are unfamiliar with, so rely on the experience of a partner like BSN to ensure you work with the best of the best and create a memorable event. 


2 – Support Your Team in the Field 

Particularly in the wake of COVID-19, you might find yourself relying on communication tools like Zoom, Webex, MS Teams and Google Meets. When an event is in progress and something unexpected happens, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not you have a reliable way to get in touch with your team. By setting up a reliable, high-performing network solution for your team and your event guests, you will easily be able to stay in touch and coordinate.  


3 – Find Partners With Flexibility 

When you find yourself in need of a network for your event, it can be easy to get roped into long-term contracts and excessive features simply because that is what certain providers offer in their packages. Partners who specialize in temporary Internet solutions can offer services a la carte and without a lengthy contract filled with services you dont need. This means you can get what you need at the highest level of service without expensive extras. At BSN, we are able to connect you directly so you dont have to work in the boxes of other providers. 


4 – Dont Gamble on the Big Game — the Importance of Trust and Expertise 

Whether this is your first time hosting an event for the Super Bowl, or your 15th, it is always a good idea to lean on the expertise of a local partner. As a frequent visitor to the area, a great partnership can lead you to business connections you would have otherwise missed. Especially if you are less familiar with a city, a local partner becomes essential to your success in navigating common pitfalls. 

IT providers with local expertise can help recommend venues, and may already have connectivity in a venue so you can hit the ground running. Before booking a venue, it’s important to ensure your IT solution provider will be able to support it. With over 262 years of experience and a prime Tampa location, BSN can help you understand the best options to suit your event needs and connect you with the highest quality vendors to make your Super Bowl event a rousing success. 

As our nation continues to navigate uncertain times, you can leap ahead of the curve and plan a fantastic Super Bowl event by preparing early and partnering well. For Super Bowl LV, partner with a local expert, ensure your IT partners and venue of choice can work together, and do your research. Pick a partner who will have your back, and make your life easier.