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Temporary WiFi Solutions For TV & Film Production

Connectivity when and where you need it for video production

Location-based shoots come with many logistical challenges, maintaining production schedules, sending dailies back to the main studio, and keeping in touch with the various offices is difficult to manage over LTE – even more so when in a foreign country.

We understand the needs and difficulties that come along with providing temporary WiFi connection services to the far reaches of the globe, the back lot, or the middle of a street. Getting that unique shot sometimes requires unique solutions, and we are experts in developing solutions that meet the most challenging environments so you can focus on the rest of the production.

Wherever the production takes your film crew, we'll provide the connectivity

With global partnerships, a wide professional network, and the cross-cultural experience necessary to effectively make things happen, we are able to take over the responsibilities of making sure your production has the connectivity when and where it's required so you don't have to.

Custom Temporary WiFi Solutions

Whatever the production requirement, our architects and engineers will develop a solution that meets your needs, and budget.

Global Reach

Our staff is comfortable working with providers and partners from around the world to deliver a network that is as reliable and easy to use as in the main studio.

Less Costly Connectivity

Backstage Networks is widely-known for our ability to get Internet circuits at a lower cost than other providers, and we can do it much faster.

Worry-Free Reliability

Because we’re fully-committed IT and WiFi professionals, and not a production company who happens to dabble in IT, you can rest assured that we're laser-focused on reliability to ensure that your corporate event is a success from the start.

On Location Internet Connectivity

Wherever your production shooting schedule takes you, from Downtown L.A., to the South China Sea, let us take on the heavy responsibility for making sure that your Internet connectivity, WiFi and VoIP phone service function exactly as you expected they would on the soundstage.

  • Comprehensive advancing
  • Premium network design
  • Professional Deployment
  • Embedded rockstar resources

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