Problem-Free Event Internet and WiFi Solutions For Hackathons

Internet Connectivity That Won’t Let You Down

The life-blood of any collaborative coding hackathon event is flawlessly operating Internet connectivity. Our mission is to provide a highly reliable, high-speed and high-density networking environment for presentation videos, blogs to report progress and results, and access to social media for participants to provide share links, software packages, source code and more.

Backstage Networks offers the right event internet and tech for hackathons to make sure your next event is both hassle-free and worry-free.

Stability And Expertise To Keep Your Event Humming

Once your hackathon event begins, it’s a race to the finish for your participants to ultimately create usable software. They don’t want to experience any unexpected interruptions and neither do you.

Network Stability

We realize that the risk of your Internet failing can bring your entire event down. But with our stable networks, that risk is virtually eliminated.

Fast Diagnostics

In the unforeseen chance a network failure does occur, our staff is trained to react fast to identify the failure and then fix the problem to ensure complete recovery.

Less Event Internet Cost

Backstage Networks is widely known for our ability to get Internet circuits at lower cost than other providers, and we can do it faster.

Certified Team Of Experts

Our engineers and technicians hold certifications from Cisco, are Ruckus Wireless trained or hold IT certifications from our various technology providers.

IT Flexibility For Any Size Hackathon Event

Whether your hackathon event is a 24-hour sprint, one that lasts several days, involves a few hundred participants or even a couple thousand, we’ll get your IT infrastructure set up correctly and working great.

  • Data Networking Infrastructure
  • Internet Connectivity
  • High-Density WiFi
  • Wired to the desktop

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What To Expect

Our decades of exceeding high customer expectations is based on our proven 5-step approach to live event internet success.

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Get Your WiFi Planning Guide

Just as event planning takes a considerable amount of time and effort, so too does WiFi planning. Download our WiFi Planning Guide to learn more how we can help.

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World-class events need world-class experts. Our decades of experience in live event internet and WiFi give you confidence that the show WILL go on. Contact us for a quote today.