Outdoor Event WiFi Solutions For Festivals


We specialize in providing comprehensive data networking infrastructures for a variety of festivals sizes and genres, all over the world. And a key part of that is our incredibly reliable and high-performing festival WiFi and Internet solutions that are amazingly flexible and trouble-free.

Whether you’re hosting a one-day food and wine event in the city, a multi-stage music festival out in an open field, or a several-weeks-long cultural camping city in the middle of the desert, we’ll provide you the fast and reliable festival WiFi and Internet capability to make it all happen. And just wait until you experience our value-added AttendiFi audience engagement platform that will help you keep your attendees engaged well after your festival ends.  Critical attendee analytics and metrics will help drive business decisions for future events while providing your sponsors deep insight into their WiFi advertising performance.

We Know Festivals

Deploying a temporary but robust IT data networking infrastructure via copper, fiber, or microwave distribution, as well as secure production and attendee WiFi for festivals, takes some serious know how. No matter the length or duration of your festival, our embedded team of IP/network engineers, along with our IT and cable technicians, will professionally handle all your Internet and WiFi requirements.

Single Source Provider

We provide turn-key solutions including Internet bandwidth procurement, network design, hardware infrastructure, network management, reporting and analytics.

Different Outdoor Event WiFi Needs

From Production BoH and Access Control and Point of Sale to electronic signage, attendee WiFi and app support, our systems are flexible and scalable to ensure all types of groups and devices get proper access to the network simultaneously.

Wide Ranging Capabilities

We also provide video surveillance, location based services, BLE/beacon integration, live streaming, phone service, COW and COLT systems, and cellular DAS.

Securing Your Network

Flexible and powerful security features and protocols will keep your data safe, ensure that a locally infected machine won't compromise or effect the network and protect you from the outside world.

Festivals Require Special Expertise

Based on our years of experience with festivals, we’ve learned one thing. They often require more IT requirements than you might think. That’s why we’ll guide you through every possible scenario to ensure you’re prepared to produce a festival that’s a phenomenal success.

  • Production/Back Of House
  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Beacon Integration
  • Live Streaming
  • Attendee Social Media Integration
  • Attendee Analytics
  • Phone Service
  • COW and COLT Systems
  • Cellular DAS
  • Converged Transport (Audio/Video/Lighting)
  • IT Consulting

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Boston Calling Music Festival

Backstage Networks provided comprehensive network design & architecture, all the temporary wired and wireless infrastructure to support more than 20,000 attendees, 500 PoS devices, dozens of access control terminals, 500 Production and back of house users, Social Media teams, and lighting control systems for a three-day, multi-stage festival at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston, MA.

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