Mission Critical Event WiFi Technology For eSports

Zero Margin For Interruptions in Connectivity

Super-charged esports competition are intense, with a considerable amount of emotion, reputation, and money on the line. That’s why only the best event technology solutions, designed specifically for for esports will do.

When more than 99% of the viewing audience is online, ensuring that connectivity to game servers and streaming partners is critical.

We’re passionate about esports and we’re ready to carefully orchestrate a resilient, redundant, and high-performance network infrastructure to support all of your gaming systems, live streaming, and production requirements.

Perfect Execution Every Time

Flawless execution is one of the primary reasons our customers understand the value of the services we provide. That comes in handy when you're staging a tournament that may last anywhere from 1 to 10 days.

Network Resliency

Whether you're using, YouTube, or any other service, maintaining a consistent connection is critical to a successful event. Redundant connectivity, stateful failover, and understanding how those services work is what we do.

Real-time Responsiveness

Our staff is there from load-in to load-out, embedded with your production, ready to deal with any issues that may impact your production.

Less Costly Connectivity

Backstage Networks is widely-known for our ability to get Internet circuits at a lower cost than other providers, and we can do it much faster.

Certified Expertise

Our team of engineers and technicians hold certifications from Cisco, are Ruckus Wireless trained or hold IT certifications from our various technology providers.

Services Tailored for Esports Events

Esports event attendees and viewers are looking forward to a competitive and rewarding experience. Don’t risk letting them down with one that’s less than stellar, or worse an interrupted stream to millions of online viewers. Rely on our array of esports event WiFi and technology services. We won’t leave you disconnected.

  • Data Networking Infrastructure
  • 10G Options For LAN or WAN
  • Streaming Expertise

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Our decades of exceeding high customer expectations is based on our proven 5-step approach to live event internet success.

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World-class events need world-class experts. Our decades of experience in live event internet and WiFi give you confidence that the show WILL go on. Contact us for a quote today.