Brand Activations

Energize Your Brands Using Powerful Event Wifi And Technology Services

Make Sure Your Next Brand Activation Is Memorable

Brand activations are a great way to promote your products or services. Reaching the right audience at just the right moment — either through real-time social media integration or onsite interactions with VR and Apps — builds a loyal brand community and clearly demonstrates your passion for creating a memorable customer experience.

And capturing attendee analytics such as registration data, Social Media demographics and event WiFi usage will add even more value to your brand activation investment.

Whether you’re providing an interactive adventure, offering free samples, or signing up participants to win an awesome prize, don’t risk everything on poor Internet connectivity and WiFi service. That could ultimately lead to a disappointing brand activation experience for both you and your consumers.

Let Us Help You Create Memorable Brand Experiences

Reliable behind-the-scenes Internet connectivity and WiFi systems performance for brand activations is critical. It can mean the difference between a remarkable customer experience or one that falls flat on its face. Which do you prefer?

Less Costly Internet

We're widely-known for our ability to get Internet circuits at a lower cost than other providers, and we can do it much faster.

Fast Diagnostics

In the unforeseen chance a network failure does occur, our staff is trained to quickly react, identify the fault, and then fix the problem to ensure complete recovery.

Different Event WiFi Needs

We thoroughly understand all of the brand activation angles that you might encounter as well as the requirements for an outstanding consumer experience.

Brand Activation Expertise

Our many significant brand activation customer relationships speak volumes about the level of expertise we’ll provide your next event.

Lay A Firm Brand Activation Foundation

Recent advances in technology let you take your brand activations to a higher level than ever before. However, that requires a firm foundation of reliable event WiFi and technology services.

  • Data Networking Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Attendee Analytics
  • Social Media Integration

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What To Expect

Our decades of exceeding high customer expectations is based on our proven 5-step approach to live event internet success.

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Just as event planning takes a considerable amount of time and effort, so too does WiFi planning. Download our WiFi Planning Guide to learn more how we can help.

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World-class events need world-class experts. Our decades of experience in live event WiFi and internet give you confidence that the show WILL go on. Contact us for a quote today.