Event Safety Technology

Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics

Hybrid Thermal Temperature Cameras

Real-time fever detection using AI thermal imaging detects accurate body temperatures to ±0.54°F for dense ingress environments.


Social Distancing Detection Cameras

Our AI-driven hybrid camera platform and Social Distancing tool monitors when the distance between two or more individuals falls under the recommended threshold and for how long. Through visual evidence and statistical pattern reports on where and when social distancing measures are not being followed, facility managers can study traffic patterns and identify hotspots. Cloud-based reporting is a crucial part of the process as it allows facility managers to take corrective action for compliance, further educate employees and/or customers,
modify facility layouts, and eliminate high traffic zones.

Hybrid Mask and Distancing Cameras

BSNs’ Face Mask Detection technology provides effective monitoring and enables proactive, real-time responses from your team. This advanced video-based detection technology is able to accurately detect objects in the camera’s field of view, classify them as humans and determine whether the subject is not wearing a mask.

This new feature relies on AI-enabled video analytics and specially-placed security cameras to determine when an individual is not wearing a face mask within your establishment. Once the feature detects an individual is in violation, this prompts an automated alert through our video management software.

WiFi + Location Based Services for social distancing

event coordinators can keep track of how many people there are in event space zones via their WiFi-enabled phones. From this, notifications and alerts can be pushed to event staff to ensure proper distancing procedures are maintained.