COVID19 Response Services

BSN is the industry leader in delivering rapid deployment data networking solutions in the most challenging environments.  We have unique partnerships with dozens of telecommunications providers where IP transport can be delivered quickly and without long term commitments.  Additionally, we have access to the most diverse and competent staffing resources on the planet to deploy and manage these networks quickly.

Rapid Deployment Vaccine Center

COVID19 vaccines are ready for mass distribution in early 2021, presenting significant and unprecedented logistical challenges ranging from transport and storage to consumer delivery.

Existing commercial retail chain pharmacies, pop-up delivery centers to private lab distribution will require data networking and WiFi overlays to existing corporate and administrative networks.  Ultra-reliable, ultra-secure, and HIPAA compliant networks will need to be deployed quickly.

Remote Learning Internet and WiFi

More and more students are going back to remote learning. The need for reliable Internet/Broadband and teleconferencing learning platforms is critical. Our ability to aggregate, manage and bill multiple residential and commercial IP Transport carriers allows us to deploy broadband where it is needed, nationwide, and quickly.

We have options using LTE and temporary licensed and unlicensed wireless backhauls for underserved communities to ensure quick and reliable connectivity to our remote learning users.

Thermal Camera Imaging & AI Solutions

Real-time fever detection using AI thermal imaging detects accurate body temperatures to ±0.54°F for dense ingress environments.


Challenging deployments require world-class experts. Our decades of experience in live event IT production and WiFi give you confidence that we will get the job done! Contact us for more information.